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Gun hit car window.the property was stol 2015-9-10
The thief unarmed broken car Windows, ir 2015-9-5
The car tires mising,we should preventio 2015-9-3
The car was parking at back street,the t 2015-6-27
The car not guard against theft,just a f 2015-6-15
There are 10 cars was stolen within one 2015-6-15
With the increasing of automobile, vehicle crime are also increasingly diversified: stolen vehicle parts, breaking the window to steal property, or in the case of the unattended by other vehicles such as scratches, insecurity of the vehicle increases. but the current security technology is lag, alarm function is single,mainly by sound and light alarm at present, if the care was stole,extremely difficult to solve the case.Therefore, as experts in the field of car alarm or owners,Dealing with a car and civil air defense early warning system of linkage between cause enough attention.

Emerge in endlessly of car theft news make the owner's security consciousness is stronger, so"remote anti-theft" become the highlight of car service provider.Worry about car stolen has become the first problem troubled car users.

Although the car have its own original anti-theft device. and usually the more advanced vehicles, the stronger its original anti-theft decoding function.But according to the technical personnel of motor repair shop or a car Supplies ,the decoding technology upgrade soon, most of anti-theft device on the market can be through a decoder to decode with the times goes on .And these translation of Code equipment, can but it in some stores sell privately, also available on the E-shop.Therefore, it is necessary to add multiple security protection measures.

From a random survey, the car owner's stolen vigilance is not weak, Mechanical anti-theft lock owner know, the car steering wheel lock, stalls locks, brake clutch locks,Wheel locks etc. it have limited for the skilled criminals anti-theft, it is not difficult for some unlock company use just a few seconds to open it.

Many owners mentioned that at the beginning of the electronic anti-theft equipment installed.it is easily to caused their attention.when they heard the alarm ringing, but long time is bored, unless endless ringing,ohter wise people may avoid it.

GPS anti-theft and GSM anti-theft: limited by the signal blind area

Satellite positioning is affected by the surrounding environment and the weather. also have blind area, such as enter the tunnel and underground parking lot or some other places, it is hard to find Car positioning signal.

It is no use for GSM security when the signal is bad or not covered area. At present, most of people Combined with GPS anti-theft and GSM alarm system.

So far, Extra installed remote anti-theft are "shallow anti-theft"

When chooseing a car,the most concerned about is anti-theft performance, although most of cars have their original car anti-theft devices, but they prefer to fit on The second patron saint.With the vigorous development of the auto market, the car has become the indispensable ones in their's life. auto theft also escalating with the progress of science and technology, the requirements of automotive safety increases, people need to developing new alarm to adapt to the request by constantly.It is understood that various anti-theft devices on the market now.the quantity over 10.from all kinds of mechanical structure of the lock, to various electronic alarm alarm, .they worried about the safety of vehicles, they will be fitted on the car various Anti-theft lock, then, how to choose anti-theft lock can ensure safety,and not blindly choose?

First, the original car rarely with anti-theft alarm device, they are remote central lock, remote control switch only and no anti-theft function, in order to reduce the fault of complaints, through the public doesn't Understand the psychology to improve reputation by customers.

Worthy of attention: most users are mistaken for the original car equipped with anti-theft alarm device, actually very easy to identify if you kick the tires. it is difficult to guarantee quality if we install personnel. There are a lot of potential risks. in addition,when the in warranty period or in insurance period of efficacy, merchants may refuse compensate due to the car been altered.

Second, addition the anti-theft alarm device, easy to cause the vehicle circuit problem, if it is equipped with the original car alarm, then don't add more.it will cause safety problem and even can cause vehicles spontaneous combustion phenomenon.

Worthy of attention: some car equipped with the original anti-theft devices, if you extra install anti-theft devices will affect the use of the original ones, or affect other electronic device. there are still many potential risks.

Third, too power-hungry, lead to battery lost electricity can no start the car.

Before install the burglar alarm,you need to take a look at your battery capacity , in domestic some car battery capacity is small, and there are a lot of car parts need to use battery power supply when parking, Our burglar alarm is to play a bigger role in parking also. In simple terms, this small capacity battery can make the car 30 days continuously work. If the consumption Power is larger after install the burglar alarm, the battery can only provide power supply for a few days. So for small capacity battery car, extra install the burglar alarm often face the problem is out of electricity, and maximum damage to the battery in a state of loss of electricity, lead to shorten the life of battery.

Worthy of attention: people may pay more attention,how long it work if anti-theft alarm device with a small capacity battery?Professionals said on one set of alarm with remote control car locks and voice alarm function in changan suzuki 1.3 L models use 35 ah small capacity battery to continue work can maintain about 1 Hours with alarm condition , if it work more than 4 hours,so the battery power is low, the vehicle can't start, and affect battery life.
v Fourth, alarm sensitivity too high or too low.

You must selected the burglar alarm sensor sensitivity set to accurate and can be controlled. The thunder, firecrackers, truck can cause vehicle alarm alarm, not professional, widespread false positives, disturb residents (in some areas has restricted the use of such alarm, certainly will be eliminated) such alarm is used the power of the car itself, it offten out of power,the burglars also can be pried the direction light, to make a short circuit,anti-theft function failed.

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